Yardley Gobion Emergency Plan

It is considered good practice, although not a legal duty, for communities to develop an Emergency Plan. Any plan is not intended to take the role of the emergency services or authorities but to enable and support them. Yardley Gobion Parish Council has created a draft framework of a plan but now needs support from residents to help populate it in regard to what resources we have available in this community.

The Parish Council would like to hear from anyone with: –
* Emergency planning experience – who can offer improvements to the Plan
* Resources that will support the Plan – e.g., time, effort, specialist skills or equipment that can be made available
* Other comments, contributions and ideas

Please view the current draft from the link below and in the first instance please forward details and/or information to the Parish Clerk (

His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh

In this time of mourning we remember His Royal Highness with respect and dignity and celebrate his life and his many achievements. We hope to find comfort in remembering the empathy and compassion Prince Philip maintained throughout his life.  We are sending our deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family.


I wish to advise that I am looking at making some changes to our routes; some of these are as a result of Corona and expected changes to people’s travelling habits. Others are plans that we had from 2019 that were not followed through due to the lockdown. If you look in the news you will see talk of bus services being cut all over the Country, as people preach doom and gloom. Well, I’ve never been one for following convention and so I am looking at trying to improve the service. Issues that I’ve identified so far:

  • Deanshanger has too low a frequency for the size of population
  • Paulerspury has only a very basic service of two journeys per week (currently one, due to Corona)
  • Potterspury, Yardley Gobion and Cosgrove have quite long journey times due to the long circuit around the three villages.

Whilst it is normal that in any changes there will be some people who like them and some who do not, but I hope overall any changes will be positive. For that reason I am asking residents, Parish Councils, County Council and our local MPs office for any feedback; I cannot guarantee any changes and especially not in a particular timescale, but an overall move towards improvements.

I can assure you that any rumours you might have read on the internet about the services being cancelled can be ignored. It is true that there was a very real danger of the services being suspended a few months ago due to complications with the Department for Transport, but with the advice and support of Cllr. Allen Walker and Andrea Leadsom MP, these were resolved. If you read any comments on local Facebook pages about service 89 ending this is incorrect.

Finally, I will be arranging for all bus stops around our area to have new timetables displayed and any broken display cases repaired.
Please use or 0844 5000 131 if you have any suggestions for the services going forward.


Hello there, we will be producing a series of social media posts to encourage residents with housing or money concerns to make contact with our teams, so we can maximise the help we can give them. These will come out over the next few weeks in the run up to becoming the unitary authority, and then afterwards, to ensure that people know how to contact us.

Census 2021 – It’s nearly here . Find out how to help others complete the form

Every ten years the census takes place in England and Wales, providing insight into the people who live across the country and what their lives are like. This year, census day is on Sunday 21 March. You’ve probably already seen lots of advertisements and information on the TV, in newspapers and social media and you should have received your purple postcard in the post. 

Look out for your Information Pack

Next week every house will be sent an Information Pack which will explain how to complete the census and contain a unique code which will give them access to the form using any digital device.

If someone doesn’t want to complete the census themself, a family member or a trusted person can do it on their behalf. People can also request a paper copy. Everything will be explained in the Information Pack. 

Where can people get help?

Call the Census Help Line on 0800 141 2021 (from 1 March)

Calling the Help Line
When someone calls the Help Line they will hear a recorded message and be given three options. The system uses interactive voice response to make a selection.  

Option 1: Requesting a Paper Questionnaire 

This is an automated service.  The person calling will not need to speak to anyone if this option is used. There is a  unique reference number on each contact letter. This  should be entered on the handset. A paper questionnaire pack will then be  dispatched. 

Option 2:  Hear frequently asked questions (FAQs)

These FAQs  are changed over time according to demand. 

Option 3:  Will enable the caller to speak to an adviser. 

What special help is available?

Text Relay Service  (18001) 0800 141 2021

Free language helpline 0800 587 2021

Help for anyone with accessibility needs such as Large print formats and Information in Braille Call0800 141 2021

British Sign Language support is available online.

Does everyone have to complete the census form?

Yes. It’s a legal requirement to complete the census.

Asana Lodge – Information Required for Appeal Response

An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against an enforcement notice issued by South Northamptonshire Council to Asana Lodge. The following information is required should you wish to comment.

Site Address:Land at Asana Lodge 48 Moorend Road Yardley Gobion NN12 7UF
Alleged breach:The unauthorised change of use of the land from nursing home to a rehabilitation centre known as Asana Lodge (Heal the Mind, Heal the Body) without the benefit of planning permission
Application reference:S/2021/0200/EN
Appellant’s name:Step One Recovery UK Ltd
Appeal reference:APP/Z2830/C/21/3268119
Appeal start date:23 February 2021

An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against an enforcement notice issued by South Northamptonshire Council.
If you wish to make comments, you can do so online at If you do not have access to the internet, you can send your comments to:

Nick Manley
The Planning Inspectorate
Temple Quay House
2 The Square

All representations must be received by 6 April 2021. Any representations submitted after the deadline will not usually be considered and will be returned. The Planning Inspectorate does not acknowledge representations.

All representations must quote the appeal reference.

Please note that any representations you submit to the Planning Inspectorate will be copied to the appellant and this local planning authority and will be considered by the Inspector when determining the appeal.

If you submit comments and then subsequently wish to withdraw them, you should make this request to the Planning Inspectorate by the date above.

The appeal documents are available for inspection via the Online Planning Register at

You can get a copy of one of the Planning Inspectorate’s -Guide to taking part in enforcement appeals- booklets free of charge from the GOV.UK at

When made, the decision will be published online at